Wholly Fit!
Elevate Mind, Body, and Spirit
A Personalized Plan

Your 12-week online program will identify your gifts and your challenges in Mind, Body, Spirit
You will be given tools to create growth toward becoming Wholly Fit!
You will be coached through the process.
You will evaluate your progress at the end of the 12 weeks

Mind is more than just education
Body is more than just exercise
Spirit is more than just the soul

Be Wholly Fit!
Wholly Fit! Launched!
The pilot session for Wholly Fit! is complete. The results and numerous insights produced user friendly recommendations. Now, join us as you are able. Experience the power of a personalized wellness program.

Register for Wholly Fit!
You will take a Wellness Pre-Assessment and your results will illustrate your wellness profile.
You will select a coach to work with you through the next 12 weeks.
A 12-Week Plan based on your Wellness Profile will be generated for you as you begin your wellness journey.
You will be invited to a private Facebook group to offer support, ask questions and learn from each other.
You have the option to receive personal individual coaching in addition to the online support each week throughout the 12 weeks. Talk to your coach about the possible options. We are committed to your success and endeavor to provide all the appropriate resources.
Reflect on your progress and prepare to celebrate growth and moving toward being Wholly Fit!
You will take a Wellness Post-Assessment at the end of your 12-Week program.
Your results will be documented enabling you to continue your quest toward being Wholly Fit!

We are excited to take this journey with you. Wholly Fit! extends the ShareOn LLC opportunities. As you become more wholly fit you will be a part of a much larger community. Please feel free to reach out with questions. Email Claire Marie (651-283-9808) or Rachel (651-270-7810).

REGISTER NOW. Wholly Fit! Opportunity awaits.

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Wellness: Alignment and Growth

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